Crop FSR Imagery Classification Algorithm

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  • RapidEye, IKONOS, and WorldView
  • Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle Synthetic Aperture Radar (UAVSAR)
  • FSR imagery has fewer multispectral bands(around 4)
  • Synthetic-aperture radar (SAR)
    is a form of radar that is used to create two-dimensional images or three-dimensional reconstructions of objects, such as landscapes. SAR uses the motion of the radar antenna over a target region to provide finer spatial resolution than conventional stationary beam-scanning radars.

good expressions

  1. be of prime concern
  2. distinguish->discriminate
  3. make effective agrarian management policies
  4. spatial and temporal characteristics时空特征
  5. pose a great challenge for
  6. timely, cost-efficient
  7. inevitably compromised by不可避免地受制于
  8. with a view to exploiting 为了去探索

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